Pleasance Courtyard
1-20th Aug

Scrambling my way through the Pleasance Courtyard in typical pouring rain on the last day of July, I wonder what humorous delights await me over the next hour. Alfie Moore‘s solo stand-up ‘Viva Alf’s Vegas’ is to be both his, and my, first show of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, and overall, it didn’t dissappoint.

Alfie Moore is an apt storyteller, and he takes us on a poignant, yet often hilarious journey, through his own personal battle with gambling addiction. Undeterred by a shameful childhood introduction to the dark side, gambling away his beloved teddy’s eyes, he unfolds to an upbeat audience a turbulent roller-coaster which sees him ride the ecstatic wave of winning thousands, to the stark and inevitable end where he comes to terms with losing everything ‘knowing you’ve got a problem when you find yourself lying in the gutter and wonder how you got up here’
This self-depreciating, but endearing and likeable guy punctuates his story with moments of hilarity and comic anecdotes, and throws in some thought provoking, and clearly passionate views he has on his childhood upbringing, his relationship with his dad and current political legislation and gambling regulations.
An intelligent, funny, honest and somewhat brutal show, which although needed to be tightened up in bits, was for his first night, a good opener. 3 STARS
three stars
Reviewer – Teri Welsh

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