DAVID TRENT – This Is All I Have

DAVID TRENT – This Is All I Have

Pleasance Dome

2-25 August


david trent

After being nominated for the Best Comedy Newcomer award at last year’s fringe, it seems like Mr Trent is ready to go one step further with his brilliant new show. Embracing 21st century video technology, he intertwines his personal reflections upon modern life with a clever montage of screen-based images & footage; a slick performance whose interchanges remind one of the traditional comedy duo.

David At Last Year’s Fringe

On occasion his material comes across as highly sophistcated, yet still toilet-based bawdy humour, such as his penis catfood & a staunch refusal to put his nose up his own anus. The rest, however, is filled with a homely vitality that makes you want to get to know the real comic; whose natural abilities were reflected in the constant smiles & laughter that permeated through the audience. A real treat, & this years first Mumble FIVE STAR performance.

Gold star

Reviewer – Damo Bullen

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