Neil Hickey – Escape Artist

Neil Hickey: Escape Artist
Pleasance Courtyard
2nd – 26th August
15.15 – £7.50-£9.50


Irish comedian… Pleasance Courtyard… a nice wee hair o’ the dog. Cant be too bad, my hungover brain told me… & I wasnae dissapointed.

After finding the venue, a glorified porta-cabin to the side of the Pleasance Courtyard, I took up my queing pose and before too long found myself being regaled by Morrisey’s song, ‘Suede head.’ After settling in my seat, Mr Hickey exploded onto the stage and took the crowd on a tongue in cheek, though personal trip through his dysfunctional childhood and family life.

He merges fantasy with reality through the nostalgic memories of a child’s ability to alter the world around them through imagination and play.

There’s a good few laughs and you warm to the performer as he opens up his pandora’s box to a surprisingly intimate level and exorcises the self-confessed chip on his shoulder in a gentle and unassuming way.

Overall an enjoyable if melancholic take on childhood, family and dealing with the aftermath. A good afternoon warm-up in preparation for the more ribald shows of the wee small hours. THREE STARS

three stars

Reviewer – Luke Griffiths

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