BRETT GOLDSTEIN – Contains Scenes of an Adult Nature


Pleasance Courtyard

August 2nd-26th


£8.50 – £10.00


I had high expectations for this Channel 4 award winning comedian given the glowing reviews I had read prior to the fully booked Friday evening’s gig at the Pleasance. And yes, he was razor sharp, polished and professional with his delivery, and came across enthusiastic, confident and charismatic. However I would end the positives there. From the kick off I was cringing at the frankly lame and obvious jokes and felt increasingly uncomfortable as he divulged his clear sexual dilemmas on pornography.
We were left to feel like his therapist at times as he waded through his lust and porn issues with deliberations of whether he should stop wanking over a dead woman’s porn video or not.
An attention seeking sexual therapy session… which was somewhat repetitive. ONE STAR

Reviewer – Teri Welsh

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