Pleasance Courtyard

3-25 August. 




What if Russell and Jo Brand had managed to raise a lovechild in the West Country on a diet of Torvil & Dean, soaps KFC and encouragement?  Suzy Bennet could possibly be the result!

From the Phil McIntyre Entertainment group, Suzy was the winner of the Funny Women Award (2012).  Her show provides much humour while she tells of her up and down life story with aplomb, self-insight and many a confession, from Butlins Red Coat to a Rehab ‘Holiday’, and much more.

As well as currying sympathy from the audience of some past tragedies, her show also provides laugh out loud moments, one of my favourites was the slide of Great Yarmouth’s waxworks, sadly closed now!


 Go along and support her campaign to become a minor celebrity and have her moment on Dancing on Ice, she may even provide you with a lemon cleansing wipe! THREE STARS

three stars

Reviewer – Christine Morgan

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