ANDREW LAWRENCE – There is No escape

Pleasance 1
Jul 31-Aug 25


Andrew Lawrence blends his unflinching nihilism with the empathy, sharp wit and observational skills that make him a genuinely great comic .
He shambles about the stage fiddling with his mic stand like a world weary, misanthropic hobbit with a bad case of the aids, delivering a dialogue on subjects that range from the fact we’ll all end up as fecal soiled corpses, to the cliched dinner parties of middle class middle aged fence straddling accountants, that have morphed into such from the half starved cider fueled students of one’s uni days.
His audience interaction is good sit in the front row at your peril, you’ve been warned ! An all-round great performance, very enjoyable & highly recommended FIVE STARS
Gold star
Reviewer – Luke Griffiths

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