MR SUSIE’S – To Earth With Love


The Caves


1-25 August



For those who have never seen Mark Davison’s alien alter-ego, Mr Susie, I urge you to rectify the situation as soon as you are able, before he completes his brief visitation on earth & is beamed back to his own planet. OMG this show’s funny, whose surreality is at times rib-crushingly hilarious. He is so likeable, the audience are more than willing to go along with his madcap participation routines, one of which had me smashing a zebra-toy with an inflatable rubber hammer whenever I heard the sounds of Jazz.

An interview with Mr Susie

Half-way through the show he introduces a second character, a disco-dancing cockney OAP, which, although not as funny as Mr Suzie, still keeps the smile stuck fast to your face. Especially amusing are his new inventions to the English Language, such as the word ‘Nunt’ – a deeply unpleasant nun.’   Another great fiver spent at the Fringe – FOUR STARS

four stars

Reviewer – Damo Bullen

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