SEAN HUGHES – Penguins


Gilded Balloon Teviot

1-25 August




Working as a waitress years ago, I once opened up to find this man asleep at the bar, with a blue bin full of spirit bottles to suggest he’d lead the staff astray with some post-work drinks. Mr Hughes now claims to have left these days behind, yet still manages to draw laughs from a typically inebriated Edinburgh audience .  Sean; of “Sean’s Show”  fame, tells us about his romantic history, music tastes and talks about the youth of today’s environment has changed drastically from thirty years ago and how romance, parenting, music and technology will lead to drastic changes in our future generation’s formative experiences.

Comedy with intellectual appeal rather than machine gun gag routines but a show that makes you laugh in a sweet reminiscent kind of way. One to watch.

three stars

Reviewer – Antoinette Thirgood

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