SIMON LILLEY – God, Greed and Football


The Tron


2-25 Aug (not 7,13,19)



Downstairs in the basement of the Tron pub, early Sunday evening after being out in the tropical heat, I headed to sit myself at the back of the room to scribble my notes and cool down.   Alas, Simon Lilley had other ideas and asked me straight away if I was a fan of football.  My reply was that I support the Homeless World Cup – I wasn’t going to get away with ‘shying away’ at the back after all.His hour long show cleverly threads the three topics and peppers them with great jokes, football chant hymns & other songs as well as witty references to famous ‘icons’/idols of our time and old.

If you have ever bought property you will enjoy his hilarious letters to ‘Dean’ – one of his local estate agents who didn’t know who he was messing with when he plopped his flyer through Simon’s door!You don’t have to be religious, greedy or an avid fan of footie to appreciate his ideas, wit and great stage presence.  FOUR STARS.

four stars

Reviewer – Christine Morgan




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