Garrett Millerick
Underbelly, Bristo Square
August 3rd to 13th, 15th to 26th
A couple of days ago I reviewed a show called Wardens which I was a little less than kind to. Anyway, it turns out that that show was written by this very comedian, but I’m happy to say his stand-up show is far superior. Launching with a stream of vitriol about British gas before an entirely uncalled for attack on the elderly it’s the energy he puts behind his performance, that was perhaps lacking in Wardens, that brings his material alive. His style is that of a reasonably main stream comic with gags being largely of the traditional observational ilk, but some of his outrageous opinions and his justifications for them have to be heard to be believed. Possibly the first ever modern comic to attack the NHS and, after hearing his argument, you can’t help but think he kind of has a point. Although my personal favourite stream of bile was at modern technology and how we reached our technological peak with pagers. This particular rant is worth the price of the ticket alone.
    I can see bright things in this comics future, his energy and confidence are spot on and his material is strong, and he handled the late night, slightly rowdy audience with aplomb. My only slight criticism would be that there is perhaps a slight lack of originality. The way his pitch rises as he gets ever more hysterical is more than a tad reminiscent of Michael Mcintyre. But in as world swamped by performers trying to find that unique grove maybe we should remember that a comedians job is to make us laugh. And this Garret Millerick did in droves. Although I would say that maybe taking your granny, as one unsuspecting punter did, may not be the best idea. The poor thing was a pale, shivering wreck by the end of it. But personally to Mr Millerick I’d say don’t give up the day job just yet, `cus your bloody good at it.
four stars

Reviewer – Steve Vickers

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