Darts Wives
Assembly Roxy
August 13th to 26th
16:50 – £6 to £11
Darts Wives
    The show begins with four stools. Four actresses come on stage dressed as the darts wives in question. Kind of middle aged and a little bit slutty. They then proceed to tell us all about their, or rather their husbands, ambitions. Thankfully the format is broken and other scenes are set as the actresses take on the roles of various husbands as their wives give them their pre-match pep talks. The whole play being set during a darts tournament. This is a rich comic vain for fans of lighter adult comedy such as Victoria wood. Yes, there is swearing and yes, there are graphic sexual references but the whole play could easily be aired at 9pm on  BBC1 and there would be little complaint. Cheeky rather than offencive. Blue rather than black. And to this demographic the performance will no doubt appeal and did to a large part of the pretty packed audience present. But I’m afraid I like my monster munch with a little more bite.
The play was ably performed throughout however, and there was even a little ad-libbing in reference to one of the lady’s recently split lip and knocked out teeth. She was apparently sober when it happened. And it was actually the ad-libbing around this that provided the biggest laughs of the show. The sets were minimal but effective and the costumes did what they said on the tin. If a tad cheep looking. Although that was probably the idea. Personally I found the ludicrous metaphors of the commentators in between scenes among the funniest parts in the play. But it was never a balls out belly laugh. More of an infrequent titter and occasional rye grin. Still fans of Victoria Wood, Miranda and the ilk will not be disappointed. THREE STARS

Reviewer Steven Vickers


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