Simon Munnery
The Stand Comedy Club
 August 13th to 26th
£8 to £10
    Simon Munnery was once labelled the God particle of alternative comedy. And seeing his show it’s easy to see why. His non aggressive, whimsical word play, punnery and absurdism is a delight to behold. From his Sniflet and Woffles dog sketches to his crap human beat boxing, he retains a dizzyingly high level of invention throughout. Not to mention the fact that the whole show is done via a camera close up of his face projected onto the back wall. This may seem like a troubling idea but when you take into account the subtle comedic expressions on Mr Munnery’s face it works beautifully, and is also essential for the various crude cartoon sketches.
    He had a show on the TV apparently which I am now gutted I missed, although I do own the ingenious Grey Dull Clouds, his hilarious collaboration with the Orb as Alan Parker: Urban Warrior. And I am positive if you dig around enough you will find all sorts of landmarks in alternative comedy Mr Munnery was involved in. I also met him briefly after the show and he seemed like a thoroughly decent chap. All in all I can’t recommend this show highly enough. I did have vague reservations about the slightly off kilter musical interlude halfway through, but it all kind of works out in the end. Basically if you haven’t heard of Simon Munnery, like I hadn’t, and you’re a fan of Alternative comedy then the chances are you have heard of Simon Munnery. You just don’t know it yet. So go see his show and find out. FIVE STARS

Gold star

Reviewer – Steve Vickers

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