The Noise Next Door

Pleasance Dome (Potterow)


21-26 August

£13 (11 concession)


These five lads definitely have some skills. They use a mixture of character based comedy and prompts from the audience to create some improvised comedy routines, both embarrassing some and entertaining other members of the audience in equal measure. Thinking fast they show off their ability to create comedy out of everything from glass ornament Italian cuisine to sock fetishes and Hindenburg. You can tell these guys are destined for great things, as despite their youth they are already talented performers and comfortable on stage, managing to survive even the most random curveballs thrown at them, (Alfie Moon’s armpit hair)?,  reminding me of what I imagine it must have been like to catch Monty Python or Vic and Bob in their early years of comedy experimentation.

It wasn’t perfect, with a bit too much breaking into high-school musical style song for me, and a few times I felt they could have pushed themselves more, as they sometimes came back with obvious retorts, or ended the sketch before it truly descended into madness. That is truly scraping the critical barrel however as out of the many comedy shows on offer this is definitely a great way to spend an hour. Once the boys had warmed up they had moments of true genius. Haphazard and slapdash improvisational comedy at its best. FOUR STARS

four stars

Reviewer – Antionette Thirgood

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