Mixed Doubles

The Caves

22-25 August



Mixed Doubles

Neither the name of this sketch show comedy act, or the PR Flyer does enough to give the right expectation as to what to expect when you see this four strong comedy routine. I was expecting either something romance or tennis related and was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually a very well put together, rehearsed and most importantly entertaining show.

As much as I express frustration with the barrage of comedy overload of television nowadays these guys are definitely “TV-Ready”. Flawless delivery, familiar topics and witty exchange between the characters, who you can tell would be great people to go for a pint with, meant this was definitely one of my favourite comedy shows of the fringe.  It’s not over –complicated or overly intellectual by any means, but just very very funny! The actors/comedians aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves in order to make you laugh, and prove the old saying that the secret of good comedy is timing, which they’ve already mastered despite this being their debut at the Fringe.

If you don’t make it this year, definitely check them out next year when they should come back with a better name and a better flyer! Refreshingly good comedy. FOUR STARS


four stars

Reviewer – Antionette Thirgood

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