31st July – 25th August (not 14th),


Concession-£14.50, Full Price-£16.00 



                 NewsRevue returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for it’s 34th year!

This was a superb show with outstanding performances from the four strong cast along with the pianist delivering you with over thirty or more quick fire pieces of topical humour and loads of one liners based on just about anything that’s been in the news over the last 12 months. Politicians from around the globe, Andy Murray, Jimmy Saville, the NHS – these plus many more were in the firing line in this witty series of short sketches, most of them set to song and dance routines.

The show opens up with a spoof on the latest royal birth then going on to sing songs about the triple recession. Your then met with a glum looking Andy Murray telling the audience how he’d eventually smile if he won Wimbledon, then a song about bashing a burglar to the sound of “chitty chitty bang bang”. You have sketches of Charles and Nigella in a spoof version of Mr and Mrs, interactions between horses and cows in the abattoir and on the shelves in the supermarket, Benefit cuts and the latest NHS crisis are always in the firing line. Call centres that you can never seem to get through to as well as a whole series of great and good things on the planet apologising for Nick Clegg’s behaviour.

The lights go to black after each sketch and quickly within a few seconds the lights come back up with the actors changed into different costumes for the next rib tickling sketch. They use a black base for their costumes and use basic props as well as daft wigs, hats, scarves to differentiate between the characters that they are playing.


All in all the show is very professionally done and tightly scripted. The music along with their quick witted lyrics and humour is a must see. As they have a different team behind each year’s show let’s look forward to see them come back for next years Fringe. The truly do keep their audiences well entertained. This was a great show and in my mind a must see.FOUR STARS

four stars


 Reviewer – Robert Kerr


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