The Wrong Side of the Door
Underbelly, Cowgate
August 3rd to 23rd,
August 25th
£6 to £10
wrong side of the door
    Is the fringe any place for morals? Or more specifically, is the fringe any place for religion? Personally I would argue no, but many may put forward the point that the Fringe is a free artistic forum for voices of all varieties and opinions. And religion just so happens to be one of those varieties. No less valid than any of the others. Now I’m not saying the Wrong Side of the Door was a religious show. A glance over the Grandees website revealed their only apparent religious leanings being a touch of Yoga in the morning. But I had serious reservations. I was positive that throughout this show there were sinister religious imperatives at work. It wasn’t overtly obvious, but then it never is with the more wily cults but I definitely got the feeling they were trying to preach some kind of love is good fear is bad pseudo spiritual propaganda to us. And anyone who’s seen Donny Darko knows this kind of message invariably hides darker intentions
    I could also swear they were using some kind of subtle hypnosis on the rest of the audience that I was somehow immune too. Due to the fact that the rest of the audience were in hysterics where as I just simply didn’t get it. They were cackling like maniacs every time an actor said the S word like it was the first time they’d heard it. OK, so the lassie was a good dancer but she was also clearly under the influence of some kind of twisted hypnosis. All sparkly eyed and flowing limbs like Hawkeye under the influence of Loki in the Avengers Assemble. Was it my job to save her? Certainly not! That’s how they get you.
    OK, so maybe they were just a troop of light surrealists who occasionally indulge in a bit of yogurt weaving, and maybe I’ve taken too much acid and am prone to occasional bouts of irrational paranoia. Because at the end of the day, lets face it, you’re going to have to make your own minds up. But then again, is that just what they want you to think…? TWO STARS
Review by Steven Vickers

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