Tig Notaro
Gilded Balloon Teviot
August 16th to 25th
£13 to £15
Tig Notaro
    Tig Notaro does not need a five star review. Despite the fact that I’d never heard of her the write up claims she is hot shit in America, the cue for her show went halfway round the block and, if you choose to believe her, she did a week long run in Vegas. I wouldn’t. She does indeed look a lot like a man but the show doesn’t dwell on this. In fact the show drifts between all kinds of whimsical and astute social observations largely inspired by her frankly superb audience interaction. Honestly I have never seen any stand up comedian interact with the audience with such a deft lightness of touch and quick wit before. Sharp as a razor, no sharper, sharp as a laser, but as kind as your old Aunty Jean
    She does bring out a couple of alternative comedy staples. Such as the old admitting your lying just to get a gag in routine, familiar to any of those Stuart Lee fans among you, plus the old not knowing how to end a show, which Tony Law pulls off to epic effect. Her take is gentler, wittier but just as hilarious. And if these staples are starting to seem like cliches I get the feeling Miss Notaro was highly instrumental in them reaching that status. Just be thankful she doesn’t begin the routine with a rant about all the people she looks like. Apart from a man of course.
    All in all though a superb, super sharp master class from the greatest comedian you’ve never heard of. Or perhaps you have. In which case you should need no more encouragement. FOUR STARS

four stars

Reviewer – Steve Vickers


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