Brendan Dempsey / Paul Currie / Raymond Mearns

Five comedians graced the Stand’s hallowed stage on Friday 6th of June. Among them Brendan Dempsy, Paul Currie, a female comic and my brother’s mate. The whole evening was hosted by one Raymond Mearms, who has been on the telly and that. Raymond himself was excellent, and though his format was the familiar interaction and goading with the crowd (where are you from?, what do you do? etc) He did it with exemplary wit and good humor. Carefully treading the thin like between comedy gold and the potential outbreak of violence.
All the other acts were also excellent but for me the stand out two were Paul Currie and Brendan Dempsy. Paul Currie is about as far away from conventional comedy as you can get with his tape measure trumpeting and mass luck dragon riding. He seems to have added in some fine new material as well since I saw him at the fringe last year. Despite it being a classic it was something of a relief not to see the monkey Deer Hunter Routine. A true master of nonsense.
The same can not wholly be said of Brendan Dempsy who takes his cues far more from the world of the traditional pub comedian than the likes of Monty Python or the Mighty Boosh. But he is none the poorer for it. Delivering his keen observations and well crafted jokes with all the charm of your kindest of kind uncles. Dark, dry, and occasionally absurd I can see him soon rising to be a giant of the comedy world. Physically as well as metaphorically.
So all in all an excellent night of comedy with all the acts to be highly commended, but if you’re asking for one specific tip I’d say look out for Brendan Dempsey at a Never Mind the Buzzcocks / 8 out of Ten cats / Would I Lie to You? near you. FOUR STARS
four stars
Reviewer – Steven Vickers

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