Celia Pacquola : Let Me Know How It All Works Out

Gilded Balloon Teviot



1-25 August (not 11)



The Fringe Serendipity continues…

The joy of reviewing for The Mumble, Is like being one of Charlies Angels, Divine waiting for the telephone call and the mission of the day. The quality of all the Fringe shows I have seen so far have been of an excellent standard.(And it is nae officially open till tomorrow). Moving me to tears on more than one occasion. Tonights magic phone call was no exception. Celia Pacquola, took to the stage in a packed house. To deliver a performance that blew me out of the water. She was beautiful,Very Very funny and a Psychic. How do I know this?

Well as she interpreted a tale of heart break and loss in the bitter sweet circumstances of a broken heart that had neared a completion of healing. She asked the audience if they thought psychics were bullshit or not. Well, as you can imagine, being genuinely psychic myself. This ruffled my feathers, I had a dillema. Do I bite my tongue or do I offer wisdom and become part of the show. I had business cards in my pocket so I held up a business card. Miss Pacquola looked at me and said. “Why are you holding up a love heart?” I replied “I’m not, its a business card. I’m a Clairvoyant” (The audience erupted with laughter) To which she replied, “What does a Clairvoyant do? I replied ” Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive that which is out of ordinary perception and interpret it in a tangible way!” “Oh my god” she said. “I have never had a Psychic in the audience before. Do you have a show at the Fringe.”No” I replied. “I,m reviewing your show for The Mumble.” Again the audience erupts with laughter.




The rest of the show had us laughing loud, It does have a happy ending she just has nae got to it yet. Tonight was a stepping Stone in the right direction though,

This show will sell out. Get your tickets while you can. Divine rating.4/5. A work in progress. Good Time.

four stars

Reviewer – Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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