Pete Firman : Trickster

Pleasance Beyond

July 31 – Aug 24





Pete Firman is so likeable that he could smile that radiant smile of his whilst sticking a sword through your throat … and he does just that to an unsuspecting member of tonight’s audience. A firm, Fringe favourite (this is his eighth year), tonight’s preview audience has almost packed the Pleasance Beyond to its capacity and small wonder. Throughout his hour-long, crowd-pleasing set, rapid-fire puns and one-liners are dealt out, audience members are picked upon and picked out to participate and of course there is the magic … Firman’s illusions are something to behold.




Widely regarded as a master of close-up magic, his routine tonight covers a range of traditional card and production tricks, but also includes elements of escape, prediction and daredevil stunts such as ‘Middlesbrough Roulette’. (NB – It does what it says on the tin!) It’s all impressively delivered and slick as hell. His charismatic, energetic stage persona seems to be an extension of how you would imagine Firman would present in real life. Funny and undoubtedly talented, he is exactly the type of fella you would want to be sat next to at a wedding. Like you, but not like you. He is a class act. Go see him! FOUR STARS


four stars

Reviewer: Gill Monaghan

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