Touchdown : Sarah Kendall

Pleasance Courtyard

31 Jul; 1-10, 12-25 Aug 2014,

9:30 PM




Sarah Kendall made a nice opening with an anecdote about a Dutch lady she met prior to the show, who had been expressing her lack of English language skills with a highly sophisticated English. Then, Sarah started to reminisce about her teenage life, with its moving mixture of emotions and anxiety; from here, we are presented with a series of anecdotes, such as the story of how she ruined her relationship with her friend Abi after a remarkably bonding, but ultimately unsuccessful love experience.



When Sarah began to speak about her mother – in an amazingly witty way, by the way –  I found myself absolutely captivated. This, & all of Sarah’s stories, were interesting and well constructed. She is an excellent storyteller; who engages the audience for the whole show, A definitely enjoyable & rather watch-able performance I recommended to anyone. FOUR STARS


four stars

Reviewer – Grace

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