Rachel Parris: Live in Vegas

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Aug 4-11, 13-25

Chortle award nominated musical comedian, Rachel Parris (IT Crowd, Thronecast, BBC Radio 4 and Austentatious) delivers a musical comedy of various fictional characters grown from the shinny lights glamour and cringe worthy of characters in Vegas.

We are introduced to an innocent rich boy band member who gives us a rendition of ‘Life’s not easy’… in an upper class home.  A heart-breakingly bad love song and then song for his trooper, mummy! Cheesy pre-recorded Vegas style adverts interject between each character transformation.  Parris portrays a Western Cowgirl who sings about her small minded town of Umbridge. Finally we meet a self obsessed glamorous diva, Fleice, with oh so soft hair, but oh, you can’t touch!  This false pretentious Vega hotel owner attempts an improvisational song and cracks it with cringe worthy taste.  She a self-professed ‘amazing’ iconic singer but with a doubtful view on feminism.

Parris has a great voice and a witty observation of character. Expect power ballads, dramatic moves and a room full of sequin glitter! FOUR STARS

four stars

reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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