Abandoman/ Rob Broderick

Underbelly, Bristo square

2 August- 25 August – Time: 21:10~22:10

Prices: £14.00 – 15.00




Rob Broderick made this thrilling & energetic appearance with Hancox and a keyboard player

and drummer. The show is based on improvising songs based on stories from the audience & the subsequent interaction with the crowd was real fun. A worship engineer, an economist, a farmer and an unemployed person were the happy targets. 





His energy on stage makes people interested, & he showed a great ability to engage even with a “shy” crowd. His quick wit and natural talent are what makes his shows special & i was impressed

by how Rob’s improvisations seemed easy and effortless – making him out to be a

brilliant performer.  If you are particularly interested in hip hop/rap, then this show is

ideal for you an  hour of fun that leaves all troubles behind. A show like this is worth

watching and such talent is worth admiring.FIVE STARS


Gold star

Reviewer: Grace


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