Josie Long: Cara Josephine

The Stand 
Aug 5-10, 12-15, 17-24
£11 (£8 concession) 
A friend of mine once said that she has never found a female comedian laugh out loud funny. Well, I challenge her and the rest of you to go along to Josie Long and not leave with your insides hurting and your cheeks sore from all the laughing, giggling and sheer guffawing! A deeply personal show in which she describes the aftermath of an abusive relationship and the discovery of herself as someone who is worth knowing is a one hour master class in story telling. You will find yourself cheering as she shares with you anecdotal evidence of why Film Noir, jumping into open water and radio 3 all helped her become the hilarious and wise woman she is today.  It feels like you are sitting with your best friend in the pub whilst simultaneously being entertained by a trilby wearing gangster’s moll who in Josie’s own words “really gets your motor running”.  
Interspersed with witty feminist comments (yes, a TV show starring mostly women is actually entertaining) and interesting factoids (Did you know the Olympic Park is not a public space but owned by some middle eastern royalty?), this is a clever, normal woman who delivers raw emotion and talent with genuine gratitude and surprise that we like her.  In fact, I do more than that. I love her and I am sure you will too.
Gold star
Reviewer : Donna Bisset

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