Pierre Novellie is Mighty Peter

30th Jul 2014 – 24th Aug 2014
Bunker Two – Pleasance Courtyard



With a name like Pierre Novellie one imagines a sexy Frenchman wrapped in rolls of toilet paper, but Novellie is not actually French at all.  He was born in South Africa, but raised on the Isle of Man who became the tallest thing on the small island, the main landmark, at 6.4ft! The winner of Amused Moose Laugh Off 2013 and Chortle Award nominee 2014 had the audience doubled over during Saturdays evenings sell out show.  He reached out to the patrons as a friend, creating pleasant banter and making us all feel at ease through his relaxed delivery.  He even gave latecomers short revisions of what they had missed.  It was hard not to warm to his welcoming and engaging demeanor.



During Novellie’s debut Edinburgh show he covered all things from classical British stereotypes, life in London as a South African, the wonders of daytime TV and adverts, a happy lion, murderous treadmill runners, his degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic history and his hate for Maths!  The structure flows effortlessly, with a fast paced and seamless delivery. I do not want to give too much away on this laugh-a-minute show, you simply must go and see this friendly funny chappy yourself! If only for his beaming smile and to discover the literal translation of The Lion King theme tunes lyrics.  This is ultimate feel good comedy and as Time Out claims he’s ‘one to watch’! FOUR STARS


four stars


Reviewer – Sarah Lewis


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