Tim FitzHigham: Hellfire

Pleasance Dome (Venue 23)
Aug 4-12, 14-25



Initially I was sold on this show by the recommendation from the comic legend, Eddie Izzard, ‘FitzHigham is unhinged, completely without hinges’ he claimed.  Well yes, I would have to agree with Eddie here, but that doesn’t make him a funny comic!  Tim FitHigham is totally crazy, but not in a funny way, more in the slightly concerning desperate manic sense! In a mildly entertaining and obsessive search this multi award-winning, Perrier nominated expeditionary ‘comedian’ takes us on an exhausting and painful laberinth of links to his final test.


Renowned as a bit of explorer, FitzHigham enjoys nothing more than tackling challenges and bets. FitzHigham shows us a couple of mysterious letters from an anonymous fan with hidden codes. Throughout the show he grasps at leads and goes on various tangents to find the hidden meaning behind the symbols and text.  We find ourselves looking into the dark history of the Hellfire Club, the only club in world history to be banned by an act of parliament! Unknown to most, Hellfire Club was an 18th-century drinking club devoted to deflowering maidens, drunken debauchery and setting butlers on fire, founded by Sir Francis Dashwood in 1752 – supposedly?!  From Celine Dion lyics to the Illuminiti FitzHigham finally finds what he believes is his quest sent by the mysterious writer… a challenge that will blow everything out of the water! THREE STARS

three stars


Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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