The Umbilical Brothers : Kids Show (not 4 kids)



Just when I thought that comedy was not my cup of tea, along comes a piece of theater that was both entertaining,engaging and really deserving of the accolade Genius.

Heralding from Australia, Shane and David introduced us to their imaginary friends, made real by skilled mime and stage craft. An hour and a bit of world class entertainment that I am certain will make them celebrities. Awards will follow. For this was an experience of masterful art, Original and delightful in every respect.



I feel blessed to have had the Umbilical Brothers experience and can be confident in saying that they are contenders for this years Perrier Award!

A kids show for kids aged fourteen and over. A show that delivers value for money. Shane and David have traveled a long way to bring this Genius to our attention.


Thank you Guys.
Divine Salutes You. For that really was a “Good Time!”
5 stars. (Deservedly)


Gold star

Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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