Dream girls : Julian Mccullough


Pleasance Courtyard

Aug 1-10, 12-24,





It looked like things were messed up in the beginning. This American stand-up comedian started to talk quite diversely; looked rather uncertain to boot. Then all of a sudden he hit his stride, & as things progressed he got way better. We join him on a journey through his life, especially his love-life, which he admits is a mental ever-present. He mentions in some detail the story of the girly tattoo he made on his belly to impress his ex-girlfriend.



He then went on about the uselessness of his English major & his worry of expressing words that might be not be accepted in British society, which led to many a funny moment concerning the cultural differences of his adopted homeland. Jamie’s show lasts for more than an hour, & is accompanied by many a visual aid to help us picture his amusing situations better, involving us more in his stories. His good looks, stylish outfit, stage presence and funny nature were great to admire, & his occasional gawky hesitance is what actually makes his act – a positively down-to-earth and charming fellow, fully deserving his FOUR STARS


four stars


Reviewer: Grace

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