Ria Lina : School of Riason

Gilded Balloon Teviot


6-25 August




-2014RIALINC-GG-300The lovely Ria Lina had the audience in the palm of her hand from the moment she took to the stage. She’s a down-to-earth lass, talking about real life,  like her children being home schooled and reasons for doing so. This homeliness really engages the audience & we all feel like we are sat in her kitchen, talking about life.



Performance-wise, her dry wit is combined with musical comedy, & had some of the audience gasping while the rest were in fits of laughter. I for one couldn’t stop laughing from the very start. Ria Lina,  please now count me among your fans and I will be looking out for all your future performances.

A defo must see. FIVE STARS


Gold star

Reviewer : James Wallace

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