This is Your Trial

Assembly George Square

Aug 6-9, 12-16, 19-23







I swear down, this is one funny show. Earlier, this month, one of the Mumble’s reviewers gave Tim Fitzhigham’s solo show three stars. Now, I havn’t seen it myself, so cant compare, but the ease with which this guy runs his mock-court, & the subsequent hilarity that ensues, appears to be on another level completely. Aided by his court clerk, Thom Tuck


Each night two guest comedians are given the task of defending or prosecuting folk from the audience for a wide array of the most heinous crimes. Tonight’s guests were Fred Macauly & Dane Baptiste, who were confronted with the following cases;

(i) Wearing an unnecessarily tropical shirt in an intemperate climate GUILTY

(ii) Obscenely putting on a show during the Fringe concerning the referendum (called The Pure, the Dead & the Brilliant) GUILTY

(iii) Being Australian without due care & attention NOT GUILTY

The jury is the audience, & their cheers decide the verdict, & trust me, you’ll end up cheering both sides throughout the feel-good nature of this excellent & entertaining creation. FIVE STARS

Gold star

Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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