Dan Nightingale Is Trying his Best not to be a Dick


Pleasance Dome

July 30 – 24 Aug £8-£9.50




Tucked away in an upstairs corner of Teviot Dome the gig was very busy. No-one it seemed was more surprised than the auteur. The cards round the necks and the over-wrung laughter tells us much about the number of comp passes swelling the crowd this evening. Not that there was a great deal to tickle your ribs. Homogenous delivery and oft-heard subject matter with little originality meant the show dragged (at least for the non-sycophantic). It seemed an age for Dan to get going.



He finally did with 5 minutes to go and had built up a fair head of steam. It might be best to get the engine running before venturing out in the cold, Dan. TWO STARS




Reviewer David McMenemy



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