Gordon Southern : Your New Favourite Comedian

Gilded Balloon Teviot
7-24 Aug (not 11)
When one disnae have a telly or engage in media, celebrity really means nothing. The performance an artist delivers is everything.

Gordon Southern, came on stage to a tea time audience who were up for it and ready for the FUN that he was about to deliver. What a handsome comedian he is, with dreamy blue eye’s and eye-lashes as big as a giraffes, plus a penchant for South Australian wines, ladies and chasing the Summer. Having lived in Adelaide myself for six years. I could empathize completely. Very funny stories about the pitfalls of being a successful international comedian from Essex. They do exist.
Gordon is a clown without make up who works his audience with an expert example of how stand up should be delivered.  The creative hub of Australia love him, His audience loved him,You will love him too. This is the show to start the evening, a pre-dinner cocktail of mirth. 

Good Time!
Four Stars.
four stars
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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