What Does The Title Matter Anyway?

McEwan Hall, Bristo Square
Wednesday 6th – Tuesday 19th August
McEwan Hall – Underbelly Pasture, Bristo Square




The opening night in the grand 1,000 seater McEwan Hall for ‘What Does The Title Matter Anyway?’ and it was a sell out!  Tremendous!  You will see everything you will have ever remembered from the famous 90s TV series, but for legal reasons we cannot utter the name of the show!  The live improvisational show is hosted by non other than our award winning, multitalented presenter and comedy-writer Clive Anderson.  Featuring along side him was all the usual faces, Stephen Frost, Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie (born Scot, raised in Canada), Josie Lawrence and Phil the pianist.  All beholding the same quick-witted ad-libbed comedy they used to possess… but with just a few more grey hairs and recessed hairlines!

No two shows are the same, as the audience are encouraged to shout out different scenarios for the quartet to act out.  You’ll recognise all the usual games such as; questions only communication, acting on orders, the singing bar maid, translating foreign languages and a song about a member of the audience.  All unpredictable side-splitting nostalgia at it’s best!  They are not here for long so grab you tickets quick! A hilarious five stars!


Gold star


Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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