Will Franken: The Stuff They Put in Sleep

Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88)

7th-­11th 13th-­24th August




This stand up comedian is like a juggernaut of characters and scenarios thundering after each other in a barrage of surreal dry humour. He’s cynic, a mimic and a maverick chameleon on a whirl-wind stream of consciousness. His show swings from political comment to completely off the wall hilarity; from the Beatles to alternative AA meetings, jealous girlfriends to natural medicine as a means to cure yourself with smugness. There were many sketches in the act that were so off-the-wall the audience was in stitches, crazy quick fire links between scenarios, political comment bathed in utter irrelevance. Some other scenes which relied heavily on sound effects felt slightly more laboured and broke the spell a bit as did the overly long dead dad stint. Other than that the audience where hooked and there were shrieks of laughter and utter disbelief at where this guys was taking us with his thought process.



The venue is right in the bowels of the Edinburgh Fringe, & the sounds of other shows bleed into the atmosphere as he rips apart the heart of what the fringe is about in a very observant barrage. Woody Allen meets Chris Morris, this guy has a great wealth of characters up his sleeve, each, as he said himself, sticking a fork up the arse of the establishment. THREE STARS




Reviewer : Glenda Rome




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