Elf Lyons ‘Underground Success’

Voodoo Rooms

10-24 aug


Free Fringe



A modern yet unique style of comedy, throwing heavy punches way under her weight in the free fringe. Spending an hour with Elf Lyons is memorable, enjoyable but above all – funny.

The show is titled ‘Underground Success’ which really is a true statement in artistic terms. She is a regular performer on the London stand up scene. The show’s name is about the famous underground tube system and refreshingly for a stand up show, the title has a relevance throughout. Lyon’s knowledge and jokes on the tube were well understood and enjoyed in a capital city of another country.

An intelligent take on sex and feminism is presented with well rounded audience interaction – the hour melts away wonderfully. Her anecdotes on her relationship with her parents were well received with cackles from all corners – Lyon’s energy seemed to increase as the show went on.

The grand finale was a bizarre hip hop track about the London Underground map which was as funny as it was informative – much to her credit.

A thought provoking show with a definite theme in a very architecturally awkward venue, this is the only downside of the show. I for one will be going to see Elf’s show again, its free! Underground success – but for how long? 4 stars.

four stars

Review by Thomas Boglett

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