Four Screws Loose in The Big Screw Up

Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 3)
Aug 5-7, 9-25
£ 10.50 – 11.50


The fabulous four are back again with their fifth show at Edinburgh Fringe, The Big Screw Up!  I thoroughly enjoyed Four Screws Loose a couple of years ago in the Bosco tent, so my hopes were high!  Thankfully they did not disappoint, maintaining their fast-paced, energetic, hilarious sketch show skills, even though Joseph had broke his ankle doing Beyonce’s ‘single ladies’ routine!  Directed by Matthew Floyd Jones (Frisky and Mannish), this original, explosive comedy and music show is unpretentious and extremely funny.


Instead of politely requesting audience patrons to switch off our mobile phone, it’s portrayed through a musical number including the delights of wikipedia and an obsession of YouPorn via the mobile.  The FSL team give it their all through high-energy routines, sing original music, ludicrous outfit changes, dance sets and parodies.  See a community choir conducted by a gangster rapper, Home and Away boxing match, Great British Bake Off/Breaking Bad spoof, Carol’s favourite Christmas sketch, a different heavy metal band, burger love, a brilliant take on Jeremy Kyle, The Panto and finally a 1980s medley!

The boys work effortless well with one another, showing off their impressive vocal talents and topical humor.  Described by them as “Funny, fast, furious, frolicking, fundamental, filling, fluffy, most words beginning with F. Have we left any out?”  Expect some audience participation, entertaining from start to finish. Constant laughs throughout, with standing ovation from the audience at the end. 4 fabulous stars



 four stars

Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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