Pleasance Courtyard
Jul 30-Aug 24,
Glen Moore and Matt Stevens are two young comedians in their mid twenties who are collectively known as Thunderbards. When I went to see them on Friday afternoon they certainly had their work cut out. The ‘theatre’ was actually a porta-cabin in a car park, the audience numbered 17 (I counted them !) and the rain was lashing down outside with the noise of the torrential downpour thundering off the roof of the porta-cabin clearly audible. Despite these drawbacks these two gifted young guys produced a perfomance that was both memorable and hilarious.
The script was simultaneously corny and clever. I loved the sketch where one of the lads thinks he is going for a job interview and the other character (allegedly an attractive young woman played by Matt – the boys encourage the audience to use their imagination !) thinks she is on a date. Daft dialogue ensues – e.g. “I will try not to waste your time – I know that you will have lots of others to see before you make your choice”. I loved it.
Sensible use of their surroundings too. They used a black backcloth to disguise the porta-cabin effect and played out their various roles in plain coloured T shirts to keep it simple. Some silly (but very funny) basic features were used including a voice over tape of an announcer reporting where their time-travel watches had taken them to. Late in the one hour show the two showed their comedic versatility when they effectively incorporated some good old slap stick into their routines. The whole performance was underscored by excellent timing. These two lads were well rehearsed and had written and developed a very very funny script that was delivered impeccably. I left the porta-cabin with eyes moist from laughter – and it had stopped raining. Thunderbards have been my highlight of the Fringe so far. No shocking the audience for the sake of effect – just good clean fun. Matt and Glen may have a big future in panto – but for now I give them 5 stars and reccomend that you go and see them. This performance deserves to be played out before more than 17 punters. FIVE STARS
Gold star
Reviewer : Chris Donkin

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