Aunty Donna

Gilded Balloon (Venue 14)
Aug 12-25
I took some time out to meet the Melbourne, Australian trio, Aunty Donna to find out what they had in store for this years debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. These friendly ‘awesome’ guys met three years ago while at Acting School and soon came to realise they were actually quite funny!  The curiously named ‘Aunty Donna’ was coined after they found out they all had an aunty named Donna. Fresh from San Francisco ‘Sketch Fest’, they now embark to conquer the Fringe. When asked to describe their show in three words they claimed it is ‘Fast Paced Mayhem’.In their opening sketch Broden Kelly, Zachary Ruane and Mark Samual Bonanno take to the stage, landing us in a hipster coffee bar, their witty scrutiny is taken to ludicrous limits as they act out the scene in outrageous physical comedy.  Oozing with energy, the fast paced trio speed us through original, slightly surreal, big and brash comedy all executed in suit and tie.  Each working in balance with one another: complimenting their different strengths.  We are taken on a singing and dancing journey of men who flight like kangaroos, a widowed husband who deals with grief through puns, loose rope walking, beat drops at a funeral and fatherly love that goes all wrong.  Of course a comic show visiting Edinburgh would not be the same without the obligatory Scottish accent gag.

It’s noisy, it’s daft, it’s filthy, but in all the right places. Just beware of the great audience interaction. I do hope you like popcorn. Their show goes a bit off kilter at the end when they perform a parody of a TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which isn’t actually aired in the UK, which seems a bit irrelevant but you still get the joke. FOUR STARS

four starsReviewer : Sarah Lewis

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