Danny Mcloughlin : Feels Alright

The Tron


14-24 August




Danny is Jimmy’s lad, and he’s been trying to better his dad (at anything) for thirty years. Danny is an exponent of the comedy of recognition: any lad brought up in the north of England will recognize Danny’s dilemma. Firstly, the name “lad”, you don’t get a name until you’re better than your dad at something. As a teenager, Danny scores his first hatrick for his team, from behind a hedge one of Jimmy’s mates says: “Well done lad, yer dad had scored four at your age”. Various laddish digressions (including audience participation) are seamlessly integrated into the performance, as are various affectionate jokes related to his dad which are all pulled together at the conclusion of the performance.


Danny is funny. He manages to create a warm and positive response from the audience, and the personal aspect of his show is engaging and interesting, rather than mawkish. The show is well paced and builds up nicely to a video of a penalty shoot out with his dad, which gets the biggest laughs of the night.I had my teenage son with me and he certainly recognized Danny’s dilemma, laughing heartily all night, with occasional knowing glances at me. Of course when Danny does eventually get the better of his dad, does he feel alright? Go and see to find out. You’re guaranteed a good night out. FOUR STARS


four stars

Reviewer : Paul Rivers

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