Yacine Belhousse : Made in France

Pleasance Courtyard


£8.50 – £10.50

14-25 August



At the beginning of the show, things seemed to be promising. A French stand up comedian using the lack of his English skills to make the first laughs. However, things did not continue as expected. Ideas seemed to come from here and there and were ambiguous. I spent the whole hour waiting for the big break of the session, but this unfortunately didn’t happen.



Having watched many stand up comedies over time, I think the audience seems to be mainly interested when stories are about real life of comedians. Impersonating dragons, chicken and batman do not seem age-appropriate. Children might be interested in this kind of show, but for adults, this certainly doesn’t meet their expectations. 2 STARS




Reviewer: Grace

One thought on “Yacine Belhousse : Made in France

  1. I enjoy a lot such kind of comedy.as i have read this webpage.All the stand up comedy makes me cool and i enjoy all the fun by viewing this video that i have seen here on your webpage.I love such kind of comedy.I like it.Funniest stuff you will heard….it ‘s great ,I am so glad to be here on your website i like it.Comedy performance is also a talent,some god gifted persons have great capability to get it and perform it to make fun for others.I appreciate all of your work

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