Zoe Lyons – Mustard Cutter

Gilded Balloon 
Aug 15-24



Award winner Zoe Lyons is introduced Vegas style; she bounces on to the stage in a tropical tiger and lion shirt, so we already know we are in for a fun time. Lyons show, Mustard Cutter, is her sixth solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe. In the past Lyons has been nominated for Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer and won Dave’s Funniest Joke Of The Fringe.  You’ll also recognise her from TVS shows such as, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1), Dave’s One Night Stand (Dave), Pointless Celebrities (BBC1) and Don’t Sit In The Front Row (Sky Atlantic). She’s also frequently seen on The Wright Stuff (Channel 5) and Mock The Week (BBC2).
Zoe Lyons is trying to better herself, she’s moved to a better (posher) area of town in hope of getting ahead in life but it’s just made her passive aggressive towards her elephant-fart-hue-loving neighbour snobs.  And consequently this is the driving point behind her stand-up show.  Lyons’ performance is fast paced, high in energy, witty, observational and brilliantly expressive.  She’s a physical comedian who can build on an anecdote just by a simple impersonation, action or expression to have the audience in stitches.  You can easily see her training in acting has been put to good use.  The self-declared ‘lefty, lesbo, Briton living idiot’ tackles topical material such as the Scottish referendum, UKIP, equal marriage, immigration, sexism and ageism.  At 42 years old, Lyons is experience a bit of a midlife crises, thinking about death and funerals, however equally she has a love for old ladies, Europe and boxed wine so it’s not all doom and gloom.  Meet the ‘better one’ in the relationship and indulge in holiday liquors, balaclavas dream kitchens and equestrian sales service.  Four stars.
four stars
Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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