Kevin Day : Standy Uppy

Gilded Balloon

15-25 August






The show began promisingly with the new Brian Eno and Karl Hyde album.Its the first time I had heard it. I loved that bit. Kevin Day is famous for being a horse racing celebrity television presenter for Channel 5 live, but the last time that I had a telly. Channel 4 was still a neat idea. But what came home was how television had made him. How he made it as a comedian I do not know. He replicated the dodgy stand ups of my Working Man’s Club upbringing in Yorkshire.Only this Stand up revelled in the joy of telling us how fortunate he was making rather lot of money doing what he loved. A little smug if you ask me, in a Jeremy Clarkson kind of way.

My dad would have liked it I think. It got me looking for my pop and crisps.

2 Starsxx.

1 Star for the opening song.

So thats 3 Stars.

three stars


Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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