Rhys Mathewson- Hombre Lobo

Pleasance Courtyard

15-23 August






Mathewson held the audience’s attention and appreciative silly smiles from the onset by humorously discussing his own failed passed intros. His audience participation proved tasteful, witty and even charming and left this punter regretting allowing himself be swayed by his fear of being made a spectacle of if he sat in the front row. His knowledge of local humour fused with his story – telling about himself, his own life and relationships in parts were worthy of a good chuckle but for the best part were downright hilarious, and for most of the show had me and my counterparts gasping for air in between our uncontrollable laughter. Despite hitting the odd miss, laughter flowed throughout his performance, with a combination of the occasional classic stand-up joke fused with his own unique stylings.



I, and by the audience reactions they would all agree, found that Mathewson’s energy, storytelling, witty jokes and honesty, were both slightly moving and anticipative, but ultimately hilarious. I excitedly recommend this show to anyone who likes to laugh and smile and am delighted to give his performance a glowing 5 stars.


Gold star

Reviewer : Dermot Nelson

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