The Nualas in “Hello again, We’re the Nualas”


Assembly George Square Studios

Aug 10, 12-17, 19-25






I took my mother along to this not previously having seen the girls in action. What unfolded was a comedy gem full of wit and laughter and music. Their first Fringe visit in 13 years “cos they needed the money” after some bad investments and failed businesses. The show they put on will leave any punter feeling that they got their money’s worth. Anne Gildea, Sue Collins, and Maria Tecce are the 3 Nualas, distinquished by their hair colour; blonde, red & brunette offer us some cynical advice on the woes of families & relationships.



The hour passes quickly with skits and hilarious songs in genres as diverse as Hip hop and Irish balladry mean there is something for everyone (suggested age is 16+). My mum loved it too. 4 stars


four stars

Reviewer David McMenemy

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