Mark Simmons : Mr Comedy

The Caves

19-24 August



My take on Mark Simmons: A comedian that has the old school one liner joke show. The show opens with a bombardment off one liner jokes and a few facts of life, leaving the audience a bit bemused as to where this show will take them, Mark proceeds to get undressed. What next !! Adolf Hitler with a Badger as a moustache ? Who would have thought of it.. Mark Simmons did. As the show goes on, the one liners keep coming leaving you a bit exhausted, “not too many one liners please” I heard a member of the audience mumble.

Mark held his ground well, especially when one member of the audience was texting, stretching and yawning and totally oblivious to Mark, whom was talking to him for 5 minutes ” one of the better laughs of the night” and by this time Mark was in his slippers and evening wear!! Was funny, well written but a bit long on the one liners. Would give an honest THREE STARS for a well thought-out show and would go see him next year with improvement on my mind…


Reviewer : Spud

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