Tom Neenan: The haunting at Lopham house

Pleasance bunker
August 18-25
web 194-Tom_Neenan_The_Haunting_at_Lopham_House
This talented performance sees Tom Neenan play a variety of characters, unravelling the tale of the haunting at Lopham house. Like being treated to a live recording of a Radio 4 drama, this is slightly high brow and extremely witty humour at its best. Neenan is delightfully convincing and eccentric. There is barely a chance to pause for respite amongst a constant stream of comedy word smithery.

An old fashioned tale of countryside barkeeps, forsaken mansions and the betrayal of the innocent which is a pleasure to take in. Great writing and delivery mean this couldn’t deserve less than a faultless FIVE STARS. One for those who like their funny bones tickled old fashioned style.

Gold star
Reviewer : Antoinette Thirgood

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