Beehive Comedy Club


Saturday 18th October 2014

Beehive Inn, Edinburgh


Last night saw the first occasion The Mumble had gone down to the regular weekend giggle-fest that is the Beehive Comedy Club. It lives in an upstairs room of the catacombesque Beehive Inn, on the Grassmarket, & offers the same line-up each Friday & Saturday nights, though differing, of course, week-by-week. The regular feature is the compere, the inimitable Rick Molland who commands & warms the room with an unpretentious confidence that really eases the audience into a mind ready to laugh. During his amiable sweep around the room checking out his punters, he asked me what i did & responded by saying I was reviewing him. This usually stalls a comedian, who swiftly move son & leaves me alone. Instead, Rick pounced like an irate, hungry tiger & showed me up a right treat from then on!

The Beehive Comedy Club is split into three acts, the first of which tonight was played out by a cuddly Glaswegian singer of very funny, quite deadpan & occasionally butt-squirming ballads called Harry Garrison. One of the songs was about unrequited love, & how he tied her to a bike under his stairs, while the best was a quality ditty called Evil badger. The heart of the evening was given to two up & coming comedians, who both had ten minutes to strut their stuff. First up was John Miller – a cross between Chris Evans & Penfold – who offered up some witty observations of a man climbing from the working classes into the middle… i.e. he now leaves a 20p piece in a public toilet basin if it falls in. Next up was the self-confessed ‘androgenous wind-chime,’ Robin Grainger, whose madcap manic mind is actually full of really funny anecdotes.

The headline act was the hurricane-style force of comic nature that is Jellybean Martinez. Camp, sweary, & funny as, he seemed to have observed every bit of chit-chat that had gone on through the night between Rick Molland & the audience, & wove it all together on the spot in a celebration of high-octane comedy. He was suddenly on first name terms with the cute hen party from Lancashire, & the middle-aged American couple in Edinburgh with their 20-year old daughter. He even chucked me a bag of jellybeans in order to get a good review – but he didnt need to do that, I was hooked from the first second & the sheer energy of the guy is a joy to behold. A great way to finish a great night & if all the Beehive nights are like this, the club should run & run.

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