The Thursday/Saturday Show



Thursday 23rd & Saturday 25th October



Four Acts in 2 Hours:   It all starts with the compare Bruce Devlin. A Funny Furry Poof with a fast , hard hitting audience intervention.  Direct and personal he delivers with a blow…  On came Chris Conroy…..   A 20 minute set off fun with a personal take on life as we know it.  A slower pace than Bruce allowed the audience to relax and slowly came to terms off what was going to be an interesting night of comedy….   Next up was Larah Boss, a female Canadian that was due to give birth, but hopefully not during the show…  She delivered a good set off Scottish language comedy, allowing the audience to reflect what our language can really be about. Like a roller coaster ride  from, Kwik Fit Fitters to the child birth, she delivered a funny and consistent set….

After another a Bruce Devlin take on Life the next act Matt Green was on….  I Comedian that makes you laugh just by walking on stage.  If appearances are everything then this guy looks like a teenager in a mans body, are maybe it was just the suit….  Very funny and full of wit, Matt is a true diamond in the rough, one to watch out for..  Then came the headliner: Mick Ferry, the Bryan Ferry of Comedy. A smooth, silky and fast moving take on life and how he fits into it all. He”s a comedian that can look at his self and laugh. Forget about how he looks,  his comedy kept the audience in stitches ,  delivered with a well written and thought out set, Mick is a headliner that never fails to please the audience.   All round a great night packed with some off the finest comedy talent this side of Edinburgh (that’s the East End of Edinburgh)..    Bruce closed the nite with more of his wee dirty camp jokes. One of the best compares I have seen. Well done Bruce!!!!!!

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