Lee Mack



Tuesday 11th November 2014


Lee Mack… like a good wine, his shows only get better with time !!!  With a packed Edinburgh Playhouse the stage was set for what was going be a roller-coaster night of raw Stand Up Comedy.  Forget what we know about Lee Mack, this is a new show packed with energy, grace, imagination,  love and sex,  jokes relating to the everyday tit-bits of daily-life that really split the sides! Delivered with power and passion, with plenty of audience participation, the crowd were hooked, as from the first words that rolled off Lee’s ingenious tongue, to very last, the laughs just kept on coming.

This is a comedian that enjoys bringing the audience into his world and running riot with them;  seated in the front row we were under his spell but our Scottish accents proved too much for him, being a Lancashire lad he found understanding us a real challenge. Still, that didn’t stop him from carrying on regardless, unleashing on a delighted audience his highly infectious presence and energy. His show is well written, well thought-out and runs along nicely.  Lee is not just a comedian he is an inspiration.  We all went looking to be entertained and have a night full of laughter, and that is exactly what we got, while we lucky ones on the front row got the added bonus of an occasional mouth spraying.

I loved this show and have never laughed so much, leaving the Edinburgh Playhouse on a high and with one certain thought in my mind – that I will certainly return to see Lee Mack next time he graces us with his presence in Edinburgh.  Good luck with the rest of the tour. FIVE STARS

Gold star

Reviewer: Spud

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