Thursday / Saturday Club (Edinburgh)

The Stand, Edinburgh
Thur 14th & Sat 16th
Bruce Devlin enters to warm up the crowd and introduce the evenings entertainment with a ramshackle hungover demeanor. Scottish, slightly camp and aggressive in an uniquely laid back way, his style is imaginatively crude, off the cuff and cynical about most areas of society. I found him pretty funny although he seemed to head a little close to the bone at times – nothing seemed off limits to say. Not one to take your mother to watch if your mother is like most mothers….the entire front row’s lives were scrutinised and pulled apart before their eyes in a deliciously mean way as expected.
Liam Withnail was first up – a fairly solid performance and likable chap. He was obviously comfortable onstage and gave a confident performance, but was a little lacking a bit in genuine funniness…Owen McGuire was up next. Again an extremely likable young lad. With a dry sense of humour and a sweet sense of humility, he dealt with some mild heckling/rowdy crowd members with ease and quick wit. I’d be keen to see him again. Rea Lina then blasted onto stage, ukulele in hand to deliver a sweet, hyper, rude and imaginative performance that was charming and off the wall but manic in equal measures. Her act centered mostly around her ‘mixed race (is that still ok to say?) background’. Half Filipino half German, she had many intelligent well put together rambles about her life, including a few songs with her very impressive voice including ‘It’s not easy being yellow’. A good performance but hyperactive to the point of rambling in a kind of panicked fashion at times.
Jo Caulfield was up last to headline and didn’t dissapoint. Writer, actress and comedian making guest appearances on panel shows such as mock the week was just lovely. Her style is very easy going and relaxed with sharp observations everyone can relate to. A thoroughly enjoyable and warming performance with some proper belly laughs scattered all the way through.
Overall an enjoyable evening but perhaps not one to go down in comedy history.
Reviewer : Pip Burnett

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